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DJing is a beautiful opportunity to express yourself.

For anyone whose broken heart has been soothed with a song, who’s shed tears at a concert, or who’s danced cares away, you know music’s power.

Playing a set of tunes as a DJ is a unique opportunity to delve into and share your music universe and to curate and introduce the sounds you love to the world, in a way that only you can do.

“I’m a DJ not a jukebox”

Tallulah Goodtimes


As a musician creates a story in song with bass, drums, vocals, synths, piano – a palette of sounds, so too a DJ creates a music experience, a story, using a palette of songs and sounds.

The shaping, crafting, adding an subtraction of elements in the process of designing a DJ set is a series of creative decisions, a pleasurable, engaging and iterative process – one that can keep you engrossed for hours, with infinite creative outcomes.

Here at the DJ Academy, we use The DJs Way to explore the creative process to delve deeper into our creative spirit, using DJing as a means to express ourselves, and to be fully present in moment, and in the joy of creating music mixes for creativity’s sake.

We do the technical, and our courses are underpinned by learning to trust our innate intuition, and energy with no judgement on ourselves or others.

Tallulah Goodtimes, an international DJ, Artist, and performer, has travelled the globe DJing and performing since she was 17 years old.

Also a natural teacher, with a love of creativity, she has also been helping students master the art of DJing since 2002, and has been witness to their joy as they discover natural skills and abilities, and gain a glowing confidence in their new found skills.

Realising the power of music through the healing she herself experienced through hours of DJing purely for the sake of it, Tallulah has developed a way of teaching which taps into the craft as a means of creative expression. Where participants learn by doing, and experience both rapid progress, and a whole lot of joy through exploring their creative selves.

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”


With real-time, face-to-face small group coaching, delivered via Zoom, The DJs Way philosophy is a 6-week learning journey, built around action, where together, step by step, we work towards deepening our learning and skills by doing. Each of the learning sessions is 90 minutes long, with time for Q&A.


  • How to express yourself through a DJ set

  • How to connect with your music and audience

  • How to perform with passion, and skill

  • How to turn performance nerves into a fireball of positive energy 

  • Where to find amazing MUSIC you love

  • Mixing techniques to help your DJ MIX flow easily

  • How to overcome your technical challenges

  • How to progress towards your goals, even when you don’t have much time

  • How and where to share your mix with the world

  • About social media promotion and branding

  • Which is the best and easiest free graphics creation programme


  • Zoom. A  free account is great! 

  • DJ kit. I strongly recommend Serato, with a controller. It’s an easy, creative DJ tool, which can be expanded to include DVS (Digital Vinyl system), is great for live streaming, and offers. (I am happy to advise on what to buy, in advance of the course, should you need help). 

  • You can also use Turntables, CD decks, and other software, as we will explore principals and terminology, so you can apply on the kit you have. But you will get the most out of the course with Serato. 

  • Some way of recording yourself mixing.

  • A way to connecting the audio of your mixer/controller to Zoom (we can advise on the best way to do this). 

  • A webcam to film your set. 

  • Tunes. Whichever medium you’re using, you’ll need you best, most flavoursome tunes. 

  • A DJ name (and picture and logo if you have one – but not a requirement!) 

  • A stable internet connection to enable you to participate on Zoom, and also to broadcast.