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Hi, I’m Sophie, but some of you may know me as Tallulah!


As Tallulah Goodtimes (my stage name), I have proudly become a successful and seasoned global DJ, artist and entertainer.


I've played to audiences worldwide at venues like Pacha, Heaven and Ministry of Sound. And have performed at international festivals such as First Light, Victorious, Latitude, Maui Waui, Swingamajig, Spill Festival, Guilfest and many more—touring extensively and working with wide-ranging partners, brands and collaborators. 


As Sophie Tott (my real name), I have built a respectable reputation as a DJ coach, music educator, and multi-passionate artistic entrepreneur.


Get To Know Tallulah Goodtimes, The DJ and Artist

Tallulah Goodtimes is an international electro-swing artist, DJ, singer-songwriter and producer.

I am lucky enough to have an adoring fanbase who love and respect what I bring to the world, from my mixes and production, to my signature high-energy performances.​


I have performed at international destinations including the UK, Ibiza, Dubai, France, Sicily, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Egypt, Jordan, India, and Turkey. 


Along with working with a wide range of promoters and brands, including White Mink, Black Cotton, Electro Swing, Continental Drifts, Swingamajig, Hed Kandi, Pacha, Subliminal, Pukka Up, Stella McCartney and Selfridges.


I’ve also shared stages with acts as diverse as Brand New Heavies, Orbital, Paul Oakenfold, Sister Bliss, DJ Sneak, Swingrowers, Electric Swing Circus, and many more.


Beyond live performances, I've organised local events featuring UK & international talent, to bring community, creativity, and artistic learning to my hometown in Suffolk, UK — where I currently reside.


I passionately champion DJing for creative expression and holistic well-being, and dedicate time to teaching DJing to help spread the wellness benefits that music and DJing can bring. 

Many of my projects with organisations such as Point Blank, Suffolk Artlink, and Outloud Music CiC reflect my ongoing commitment to empowering and uplifting women and those facing mental health challenges through creative expression for wellness.


As a music producer, my works have been featured on Sky TV and digital platforms, showcasing the diverse impact of art, music, and creativity. 


My collaboration with "Lazy Daisy" on a global empowerment program highlighted the intersection between music and empowerment through musical creation and artistic experiences. 


My debut album, "Interstellar Swing," released in November 2020, is an energetic romp through the electro-swing and vintage remix universe. A journey into 100 years of underground sounds, recast from a DJ’s-eye view of three decades of experimenting with recorded music and live instrumentation.​


"Interstellar Swing," quickly gained recognition from platforms and peers like the Freshly Squeezed podcast, BBC Introducing Suffolk, its placement on Parisien Bart & Baker's compilation album, and use on popular YouTube channels. 


In the past three decades, I have:


  • Developed DJ courses and educational programs for youth and adults with mental health and learning challenges for organisations such as Point Blank (London), Suffolk Artlink, Outloud Music CiC, Girl Guiding, Art For Cure, Suffolk Rape Crisis, Inspire Suffolk and Anglia Care Trust

  • Created music for Bhangra Dance Workout, David Olton, Sky TV

  • Created and recorded music and voice for Jackie Kietz: “I'm Expecting a Baby: Your step-by-step guide for antenatal & hypnobirthing preparation”

  • Created a music suite and meditations for a birthing programme to empower thousands of women worldwide in their birthing experience (Silver Lake, part of "Lazy Daisy")

  • Performed at hundreds of commercial and star-studded private events including for VW (Volkswagen), Richard Branson, Selfridges and countless weddings and family parties.

  • Performed across four continents for many cultural partners including nightclubs such as Pacha (London and Ibiza), Hed Kandi, Ministry of Sound, Electro Swing Club (London, Chris Tofu/Continental Drifts), and festivals such as Messina Jazz Festival (Sicily), Guilfest, First Light Festival (Lowestoft), Latitude Festival (Suffolk), Maui Waui Festival (Norfolk), Swingamajig Festival (Birmingham), Galleries Two Temple Place, Courtauld Gallery (London), Party Like Gatsby, Beats & Swing at Victorious Festival, Ecotricity, and One Dot Zero Film Festival

  • Presented on radio stations such as Unknown and WWFM, and more recently in live stream episodes for Freshly Squeezed Music, Electro Swing Thing, and charity live streams during Covid Lockdowns

  • Managed music project Suffolk Soundwaves, which is a project seeking to support young music talent in the coastal area of Suffolk.

  • Collaborated with professional artists, musicians and musical professionals such as DJ Emma Clair, DJ Mibor, MARIA, MOIRA, The IT Girls and Point Blank (London).


You can check out my upcoming events here.


Get To Know Sophie Tott, The DJ Coach

Sophie Tott is a well-renowned DJ coach, music educator, and arts project manager based in Suffolk, UK.

I've been working in the arts for over 20 years, with one core goal in mind: to enhance lives and well-being through music and creativity.


I started playing as a DJ at 16 in the fields and clubs of Surrey and London, before moving to London to pursue work as an account manager in design. 


The call of music was too strong, and after quitting life in the corporate world in my twenties, I set about creating a thriving career as an international DJ and DJ tutor. 


Since then, alongside an exciting and ever-evolving career as a performer, I've created and managed a variety of successful artistic projects. 


I’ve been involved in a wide range of projects from events businesses, to community music projects, bands, online DJ courses, and an album, whilst collaborating with other incredible music professionals to bring my artistic visions into the world and deliver on my core goal.


As well as my proud successes, I've made a thousand mistakes along the way, learning from the sometimes harsh lessons they've provided. 


But when it comes down to it, I believe that no matter the challenge — there is always a way through it. 


Sometimes you need to rest, sometimes you need to regroup and re-evaluate, and sometimes you need to tough it out and keep going. 


The world of creativity and art is an ongoing journey of goal-setting, adaptation, and celebrating the wins, no matter how small — for both musical hobbyists and professionals alike.


I'm tirelessly passionate about coaching DJs, creatives, and musicians — and teaching musical pioneers how to hone their craft through my online courses for DJs.


I love helping creatives achieve their goals whether that's getting up and running as a beginner DJ to play music at home, setting up your music business, or changing your strategy as an artist so that you can conquer new territory and professional achievements.


If you’re keen to embrace the visionary within, I’m ready to help you manifest your artistic gifts into the world.


Whether you're a total beginner, or an experienced musician, through my DJ coaching, music education, and online courses, I'll help you to journey from where you are now to where you want to be.


If you're ready to get started, let's talk (you can set up a free discovery call here). I'd love to help you achieve your dreams.


Sophie :)

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